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It is difficult to balance the right amount of notifications sent out to the players and parents. On one hand it is annoying to get too many reminders, but on the other it is frustrating to show up at the wrong field or at the wrong time. Also, every family manages their schedule different and some prefer notifications sent to one e-mail address, other require two or even three.

To accommodate for different family situations and preferences, we allow the parent maximum flexibility to control our reminders.

Regarding TO WHOM the reminders are sent, the system by default sends reminders to both the player and for minors also to the guardian(s), which could be one or two. See below how to change this.

Regarding WHEN the reminders are sent, the default in the system is as follows:

  • Practice reminders are emailed 48 hours prior, no texts.
  • Game reminders are emailed 48 hours prior and text message are sent 2.5 hours prior.
  • When a new game/practice is added to the calendar the coach can select to announce it or not.
  • If a game/practice is changed in the calendar, an e-mail notificition will be sent (and text if a game less than 2.5 hours prior).

You can manage the reminders by following these easy steps:

  1. Click on "Edit my account" on the vertical menu to the left and login
  2. Click on your name (or another family member's name if you want to adjust their reminders)
  3. Here you can control the reminders in multiple ways:
    • To stop receiving text messages, you can select "No Text Messages" in the drop down menu next to "Provider" for your cell phone.
    • At the bottom, you can control if you want to receive notifications for practices, games or both.
    • You can select "Do not email" to turn off ALL emails, but we do not recommend this since you will not be receiving any e-mails from the club if you select this option.
    • If you have the smartphone app installed (for more info click here) you can control the notifications that is sent to the app.

A typical set-up for a minor player could be as follow:

  • Player has no e-mail entered or "Do not email" selected. Player has a cell phone number entered and text messages selected.
  • Guardian #1 has an e-mail entered and selected checkbox for both games and practices reminders. Cell phone number entered and text messages selected.
  • Guardian #2 has an e-mail entered but unselected checkbox for both games and practices. Cell phone number entered, but text messages unselected.