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If you need to add or correct some personal information, either as part of your account, a child's account or a registration, please follow these steps.

  1. Click on "sign in" in the top right corner of our web and and login.
  2. Now you should see your name, and if you are a guardian, also a list of family members and a list of recent registrations. If not, you can click on "edit my account" to the left.
  3. Now you can do the following:
    1. PAY: If there is a payment due, a green pay button will be visible that you can use to pay any balance.
    2. REGISTRATION DATA: If you need to add or correct some information in an open registration, you can click on the name of the registration (e.g. U12) in the "Registration History" column. If it is not clickable, then the registration is closed. Common reason to edit an existing registration are: 
      • add/correct a missing birth certificate 
      • add/correct a missing school ID (14 years or older)
      • add/correct a signed USAR waiver
      • correct information about if you played HS, which may adjust the fee (U16-18)
    3. PERSONAL INFO: You can click on your own name, or a child's name, to update information such as:


The 3 first are rejected, the 4th one is acceptable