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After a successful Coastal Dragon Girls Rugby season and tour, we are excited to keep the momentum forging ahead. Since emerging as a recognized NCAA emerging sport and debuting in the Olympics Games in Rio 2016, more girls are wanting to give rugby a try.

Coastal Dragon Girls offer specific training and programming to grow and develop each athlete to become a better leader, communicator, team player, and contributor as they enter society as an adult. However; our foremost mission is to “Teach Student Athletes to Love Rugby.”  With a program that encourages a student-centered approach, the girls can lead to developing skills in their own education, development, and self-reflection.

Each lesson is educational and fun by implementing positive reinforcement and encouragement which build a strong girl both physically and mentally.

Coastal Dragon Girls are also proud for the opportunity to watch the Girls Rugby program expand even more with San Diego Girls Rugby. San Diego Girls Rugby strives to provide as many girls as possible the opportunity to pick up a rugby ball and run with it through a non-contact program. This foundational program is where foundations of catching, passing, and running with the rugby ball provides a stepping stone into the many pathways an athlete can explore throughout the years to come to possibly become the next Olympian.

If you are interested in trying out girls-only touch rugby, click below to go San Diego Girls Rugby's web page