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Coaching requirements

The requirements for coaching rugby is described in detail on USA rugby's website under coaching. Here is a link to the USA rugby's coaching requirements: https://www.usarugby.org/coaching-requirements

There are 5 things you need to complete:

  1. Register as a coach with USA Rugby (every year), see below
  2. Pass a biennial background screening (initiated automatically when you complete #1)
  3. Complete the Player Protection Package (once), see below
  4. Complete certification courses (once), see below
  5. Maintain “active” coaching status (every year, except the first), see below

If you need more help, you can contact Gavin Beaudry, Operations Coordinator at SCYR (CLICK HERE for contact info).

#1 Register as a coach with USA Rugby

Coaches, unlike athletes, need to register themselves directly with USA Rugby at http://webpoint.usarugby.org. The club will reimburse you for the this expense. 

SCYR is monitoring the USA rugby registration and will update your status in MatchApt automatically.

Note: if you are already registered as a coach in another club or as player, then click on renew membership and then select the club (see below) under coach. If you are already a coach, you will not be charged to add more clubs.

When you registering as a coach, you need to select one of the Coastal Dragons options as your club as follows:

  • U8: Coastal Dragons - Rookie Rugby
  • U10-14: Coastal Dragons - Youth Contact
  • BU16-18: Coastal Dragons - HS Boys
  • GU16-18: Coastal Dragons - HS Girls

#2 Complete the Player Protection Package

USA Rugby require you to complete two online courses:


Go to coaching on www.usarugby.org (CLICK HERE) and look for Protection Package to complete this requirement.

#3 Complete a certification course

As a coach you need to complete a certification course:

  • Level 100 (non-contact) online course
  • Level 200 (contact) in-person course

Go to coaching on www.usarugby.org (CLICK HERE) and look for Certification to complete this requirement.

#4 Maintain "active" coaching status

A coach need to complete 10 Professional Development credits each year and report them to USA Rugby.

There are a variety of ways to earn Professional Development credits, including:

  1. Take courses offered by USA Rugby, which has a page full of links to courses you can take to earn credits (CLICK HERE). Some are free, some are not, some are online, some are in person.
  2. Take free, online IRB courses as part of their IRB Passport program (CLICK HERE). The IRB Coaching modules are worth 2 credits each, the online S&C is 4 credits (6 more are awarded for completing the in-person course) and the Onside course is worth 5 credits.
  3. Attend SCYR meetings (Conference on the Game, etc.)

Note: Professional Development credits must be submitted to USA Rugby: www.usarugby.org/professional-development