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Institute of Rugby

Coastal Dragons has a long established partnership with the Institute of Rugby (IOR) to provide a consistent and in-depth approach to the game of rugby. This partnership covers multiple levels:

  1. "Coaches coach": IOR is providing our coaches with high-level coaching training and resources to ensure that the club can provide the highest level of coaching that stays consistent as the player graduate to older age groups.
  2. On-field instructions: IOR coaches are regularly attending some our weekly practices by rotating around the age group and integrating with the coaching staff. This will both expose the players with the highest level of coaching and enable the coaches to evaluate and tweak their practice plans to maximize the outcomes for each team.
  3. Girls program: Dragons with the help of IOR was able to start a girls only program in the 2015-16 season. To build on this success, IOR is providing support to grow and expand our girls program.

For those players who want to get additional rugby training there is an opportunity to attend programs offered by the Institute of Rugby, for more info see http://www.instituteofrugby.com.