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Rugby, more so than many other sports, is about sportsmanship and is about culture.

In rugby, sportsmanship is all. In youth rugby it's more important than winning. In our teams, we are not worried about the score as much as how the players played the game.  We want players to address the referee as either sir or mam, and never talk back to the referee. Coaches and spectators should never openly question a referee's decision, and should try to remain calm on the sidelines. Afterwards, the team always thanks the referee and shakes their hand; and both teams thank each other for the game, because any game of rugby is a good game. The game is more important than winning, and the team is more important than the individual.  Rugby is a team sport and the best player is usually the one who puts their team-mate and team first.  We encourage our players to play their game to the best of their ability and reward effort, not just results.  Rugby is a tough sport, but it's a fair sport.

As part of rugby culture, after a home game we host a visiting team(s) to lunch.  As one progresses through the sport, the lunch becomes a social or a dinner.  Established clubs may hold tours, visiting and playing teams in other parts of the region, state, country or even abroad.  It's the rugby way, always has been, and we continue the tradition.

Please see the guide on expected conduct from both players and parents alike: