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SI play app

We recommend that both players, coaches, and parents install and use the SI play app to communicate, access schedule, and receive reminders. 

How to install the SI play app

You can find SI play app for both iOS (Apple) and Android app stores:

In order to login, there needs to be an e-mail associated with the account, which is not always the case for some children. If you want to check or change the e-mails associated with your or your children's accounts you can edit your account, CLICK HERE for more info.

Assuming you have access to your e-mail on your smartphone, we recommend that you use the feature in the installation process called magic link. It will send a link to you via your e-mail that you can click on to login without requiring a password. This is particular handy for children, who never logged in and do not have a password.

Activate your team in the beginning of the season

When a new season start you need to select the team that you want access to, otherwise you will not see any messages or reminders. To do this you need to:

  • iOS (Apple): Click on "My Teams" at the bottom, click on "Favorites" at the top left corner, click on "Edit" in top right corner, activate team
  • Android: Click on "My Teams" at the bottom, click on big red plus sign in the bottom right, activate team

Send a message

There are several ways to send a message in SI play app:

  1. Alert to entire team: Click  "Messages" at the bottom, select the team, select "Easyalert" in top right corner, write you message. Keep it short, since it will also go out as text message. The alert will go out to all players and parents via e-mail, text and in the SI app. Note, some parents or players may have opted out of e-mail and/or text. 
  2. Alert to specific players: Follow the above, but when you get to the message screen, remove "entire team" in the "To" field and then pick specific players. The message goes to both player and parent.
  3. Text or e-mail: Click on "My Teams" at the bottom, select team, click roster, find the coach/player you want, click on the "i" icon, click on the icon for e-mail, text or phone.
  4. Team chat: These 'chats' are pushed to all team members in SI app, e.g., not via text nor e-mail. However, if a parent or player is not using the app, then they will not see these messages, so do not use it for critical communication.


If you need help contact the membership chair (click here to see contact info for the board).