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Why is a SCYR match report required before each game?

SCYR uses Match Apt (formerly CMS) that every coach is required to use before each game to create a so called match report. The match report consists of two things: a) a list of players that will play in the game and b) a set of photos of the players. Only players listed on the match report are allowed to participate in a game. The match report should be reviewed by the opposing coach before the game and it will be reviewed by SCYR after the game.

The main purpose of the match report is to ensure two things:

  1. That each player is registered, both with USA rugby and with SCYR. Our membership chair handles these registrations (assuming the player has provided the correct paperwork) and the fees are included in the dues.
  2. That each player is age and ID verified. This means that SCYR has done 3 things:
    • Confirmed the correct age on the birth certificate.
    • Checked the quality of the match report picture so it can be used to identify the player on the pitch.
    • For BU14 and older, also matched the name on the birth certificate with a photo ID and then matched the photo ID with the match report picture.

As a coach you are expected to check in the Match Apt (CMS) system that your players are registered and age and ID verified in advance of the game. It happens that the parents have not paid or have not provided the required information, in which case the player is not approved in Match Apt system and is not allowed to play in games. This is more prevalent in the beginning of the season.

NOTE: Please check in the Match Apt (CMS) system a couple of days before each game, especially the first game of the season, to make sure your players are approved to play in the game.

How to create a Match Report required before each game?

  1. Login to the CMS web page: CLICK HERE for Match Apt (CMS). 
    • If you have not used CMS before, then first check with the membership chair to make sure you are added as a user in CMS with coach privileges so you can generate match report.
    • If you do not have a password, or you forgotten it, click on link for forgotten password. (Currently this link is shown as an icon showing an e-mail.)
  2. Use the "League" pull-down menu at the top and select "Schedule".
  3. On the schedule find your division (age group) and then find the game and click on "Dragons".

    NOTE: Make sure you pick your age group. Depending on your privileges you may have access to multiple age group and it is easy to create a match report for another coach! 
  4. Here you will see our available players with an empty box next to them. Put a number 1-30 for the players you want to play in the box and click submit

    NOTE 1: If a player you expect to play does not have an empty box, contact the membership chair to see why this is the case. Unless resolved they will not be able to play. 

    NOTE 2: 
    If you have more than 30 players, you will need to create two separate match reports, but make sure to print the first match report before you do the second. Once you printed the first then remove the numbers on the players on the first match report and add the additional players on a second match report.
  5. Once submitted then click on "Page 1", "Page 2", and "Pictures" at the top and print these pages, which you need to bring with you to the game.

"Legend" for the match report:

  • "Reg." Column:
    • CIPP number: the player has an active CIPP.
    • Cipp Pending: club has initiated CIPP but it has not been precessed yet, this is ok.
      Note: You cannot add a player unless they are CIPP.
  • "Age" Columns:
    • Black box around age: Playing down without an waiver. NORMALLY NOT ALLOWED.
    • Underscore under age: Playing up. OK as long as safe.
  • "Name" columns, next to the actual name:
    • "ID PENDING": The club has submitted the required paperwork but the age verification has not yet been completed.
    • "O/L Waiver": The player has an approved older/lighter waiver by SCYR and is allowed to play down one level. 
    • "ID DEFICIENT": The paperwork was submitted but the age verification failed, usually due to an inadequate picture, but sometimes due to something serious.
    • "NO ID": The club has not submitted any paperwork for age verification

What to do on the pitch?

  1. If the other coach does not have a match report (page 1 + pictures), then they cannot play.
  2. If there are handwritten names on the match report, these players cannot play in the game.
  3. If a player has a black box around the age (playing down), these players cannot play in the game.
    Note: For U8 there are no age waivers so if you do not think the player is safe, then discuss this with the other coach. You have the right to refuse a player playing down.
  4. If a player has "NO ID" or "ID DEFICIENT", then this player cannot play in the game. "ID PENDING" is ok at the first game, but later in the season this should not be allowed.

Our policy at Dragons is that we use CMS to avoid that the coaches have to deal with these issues on the pitch, i.e., if Ok on match report then the player can play, if not then he can not play, no discussions needed. 

The only one with some wiggle room may be #4 if you feel you can age verify the player on the field, e.g., by a passport. Remember to take a picture for your own protection if an issue later arises.